Rock Drumming Foundation (6 Drum Lessons For beginners)

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Most drumming books are approximately 60-100 pages. each containing a specific exercise type throughout. Every page is full of exercises which is great, but these types of books lead the beginner down a path into confusion. it was Neville Goddard who said that choosing a few good books within your area of interest (drumming), produces confusion, but a few well chosen books practiced many times produces fusion.

This is akin to what Bruce Lee said about punches and that I iterated in the introduction to the Rock Drumming Foundation book.

“when I think of those types of books, I always recall the now famous quote of Bruce Lee’s that goes something like this: I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 punches once, but I do fear the man who has practiced one punch 10,000 times.” It’s plain to see what he meant when he spoke those immortal words. Paraphrased into the drumming practice arena, he was basically saying: Practice the fundamental exercises 10,000 times (and more, no limitation is implied) each rather than practicing 1000 exercises 10, 50, 100, 500, or 1000 times”.

The point being, much like the famous quote just about every producer of values uses… “quality over quantity.”

So, the point is really that The Rock Drumming Foundation book is formed from one of the groups of fundamentals of drumming.

This will become much clearer after you have been playing drums for several years and then come to realize that all of the rock-style beats you play, all of the varied combinations of hands and feet you integrate to form your rock-style beats… when you look back through your drumming that the contents of the Rock Drumming Foundation book are the foundation on which your rock-style beats stand.

It wasn’t my intention to provide a comprehensive rock drumming book, or to show you how great I am. Instead, my aim was to help you (and other beginner drummers) to become great at what you play.

And it was my intention to provide the fundamentals of rock-style drumming. The foundation (as boring as it may seem) that supports and enhances all more advanced rock-style drumming. With that in mind, I believe it’s a good idea to master these fundamentals at the beginning of your drumming career and keep returning to them in years to come so you can improve them and therefore your drumming, in a structured way, and so you can begin to see their true value.

That aside, it’s now time for you to…

DISCOVER: the Simple Solution to Better Rock Drumming Foundation Skills!

Ask yourself…

Is your rock drumming messy and uneven? Is your timing bad so you race ahead or drag behind the beat? Does your drumming lack the consistent flow that makes other musicians want to play with you? If that sounds like you then The Drumming Foundation Series is here to help you achieve your drumming goals and more.

After working for some of the biggest names in British show business for over 35 years, people such as Paul Daniels, The Three Degrees, Susan Maughan just to name a few, along with some of the best music directors in the business, it became clear that everything you will ever play as a drummer will be formed from the most basic fundamental exercises. Without mastery of which, all of the complex rhythms’ you play on top of those basics will be messy, uneven, and lack the precision timing and flow that the musicians you play with want to hear.

The Rock Drumming Foundation book is a simple yet comprehensive manual of rock drumming foundation fundamentals that form a solid rock foundation for any drummer to:

  • Play better time,
  • Create a consistent flow,
  • and… Become a tight, solid player that other musicians want to play with.

You will be taken through six lessons where everything is broken down into the most basic parts to make things easy to follow and understand. 

So, in no time at all, you will be playing the most vital fundamental beats like a real pro!

In the Rock Drumming Foundations book, you’ll discover:

  • Essential beginning tips that help you approach the drum kit with more confidence.
  • The six most important drum beats you will ever learn that gives you the rock drumming foundation every successful drummer needs.
  • Downloadable audio demonstrations for every exercise so you get to hear what each exercise sounds like and that helps you progress faster.
  • Written exercises that help you learn to read and understand drum music progressively, as you practice and develop in an easy-to-follow step-by-step manner. Helping you to learn all future exercises faster and more easily!
  • The one drum fill you must master before attempting more complex fills that will make your drumming flow more consistently, and in time.

This BRAND NEW UPGRADED VERSION of The Rock Drumming Foundation course also includes:

  • UPGRADED AUDIO DEMONSTRATIONS – Every exercise is demonstrated individually.
  • CLICK, PERCUSSION, AND BASS GUITAR PRACTICE TRACKS – so you can practice each exercise in a practical environment.

The Rock Drumming Foundation book is your Rock Drumming Handbook for becoming a more fluid-rock drumming expert.

So, if you like playing the clean, tight, and solid drumming other musicians want to play with, then you’ll love the Drum Coach’s Comprehensive Rock Drumming Foundation book.

Don’t Put Off Becoming the Drummer You Want to Be – Get the Rock Drumming Foundation Course… TODAY!

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