Jazz Drumming Foundation (6 Jazz Drum Lessons For Beginners)

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Much like the Rock Drumming Foundation (6 Drum Lessons For beginners) book, this Jazz Drumming Foundation book does essentially the same thing. It provides a complete foundation of the jazz drumming beats you will find yourself playing for many years.

In most part, and this is true for the rock drumming foundation book too… what is written here is basically the foundation. And being the foundation, much like the foundation of a house, it remains mostly unseen. or in our case, the foundation isn’t heard. Or at the very least, only slightly heard, or insinuated through everything else you play around them.

And that analogy is quite applicable here, because what you end up playing as a jazz drummer only revolves around the foundation. It very rarely becomes the foundation.

The Atomic World of Drumming

This is best illustrated if you view the structure of an atom. The atom is made up of a central Nucleus (the jazz beats included here) which is made up of  Protons and Neutrons (the various drum parts, bass drum and snare drum for example). You might say that the drum beats within this Jazz drumming foundation form the Nucleus of jazz style music.

Now, although its important for the drummer to be able to play the included jazz beats (Nucleus) very precisely. In jazz style drumming the drummer behaves like the Electron. Electrons are the parts of the atom that continually orbit around the Nucleus. So the jazz beats a drummer masters are then abandoned as the drummer progresses into playing around the central Nucleus, or core.

The Nucleus here is the pulse of the music.

I hope I didn’t completely confuse you or help you form an opinion of me as being completely insane. The analogy was just that. A way to illustrate what real jazz drumming is.

In other words, the drummer learns the basic jazz beats, he then learns the many intricate combinations between the limbs, and then he improvises around the central pulse of the music. The Nucleus.

But before that, it’s now time for you to…

DISCOVER the Simple Solution to Better Jazz Drumming!

Does your jazz drumming sound messy, uneven, and so doesn’t flow smoothly? Do you have difficulty getting your jazz beats to swing like the pros? Do you lack consistency and so you either race or drag behind?

If that sounds like you then The Time Space and Drums Series is here to help you achieve your jazz drumming foundation goals and more.

After working for some of the biggest names in British show business for over 35 years, people such as Paul Daniels, The Three Degrees, Susan Maughan just to name a few, along with some of the best music directors in the business, it became clear that everything you will ever play as a drummer will be formed from the most basic exercises. Without mastery of which, all of the complex rhythms’ you play on top of those basics will be messy, uneven, and lack the precision timing and flow that the musicians you play with want to hear.

The Jazz Drumming Foundation Course is a simple yet comprehensive manual of jazz drumming fundamentals that form a solid jazz foundation for any drummer to:

  • Create a consistent flow,
  • Swing like a pro!
  • and… Play better time,

You will be taken through six lessons where everything is broken down into the most basic parts to make things easy to follow and understand.

So, in no time at all, you will be playing the most vital, fundamental, swinging jazz beats like a real pro!

In the Jazz Drumming Foundations Course, you’ll discover:

  • Basic yet essential notation theory that will help you approach your jazz drumming with more confidence.
  • The three most important swing-style beats you will ever learn that gives you the flowing jazz drumming foundation every successful jazz drummer needs.
  • Downloadable audio demonstrations for every exercise so you get to hear what each exercise sounds like and that helps you progress faster.
  • Written exercises that help you learn to read and understand drum music progressively, as you practice and develop in an easy to follow step by step manner. Helping you to learn all future exercises faster and more easily!
  • The one drum fill you must master before attempting more complex fills that will make your jazz drumming flow more consistently, and in time.

This BRAND NEW UPGRADED VERSION of The Rock Drumming Foundation course also includes:

  • UPGRADED AUDIO DEMONSTRATIONS – Every exercise is demonstrated individually.
  • CLICK, PERCUSSION, AND BASS GUITAR PRACTICE TRACKS – so you can practice each exercise in a practical environment.

The Jazz Drumming Foundation Course is your Jazz Drumming Handbook for becoming a more fluid-jazz drumming expert.

So, if you like playing the clean, flowing, and swinging jazz drumming other musicians want to play with, then you’ll love The Drum Coach’s Comprehensive Jazz Drumming Foundation Course.

Don’t Put Off Becoming the Drummer You Want to Be – Get the Jazz Drumming Foundation Course to Start Swinging Like the Pros… TODAY!

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