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As a drummer, it’s crucial to work on yourself as much as you work on your drumming skills. The Drum Coach understands the importance of knowing your current position and envisioning your future as a drummer. Our mission is to equip you with the necessary drumming for beginners tools to reach your desired drumming destination!

drum lessons for beginners

The Drummer

The first and last thing to work on to be the drummer you want to be is the one doing the drumming!

Drumming For Beginners

Drumming Basics

The first step to achieving your drumming dreams is to get informed with some basic drumming know-how.

drum lessons for beginners

Drumming Goals

Without proper plans, your dreams may turn into drumming disasters. Plan your success!

Drumming Books

It pays to learn from a variety of sources, which means learning from the right books!

Our Projects

Tools, social, and general drummery, currently in development!

Drumming Tools

Planning a drumming path is easy with a Goal-Setting Practice Planner!

Drumming Basics

Every drumming journey is a journey from the beginning to the end, and back!

Drum Prints

Wherever you are in your drumming journey. It's vital that you look the part!

Drum Coaches

Register as a coach or as a student to start searching for a Drum Coach near you.

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