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The Evolving DrummerDrumming Begins and ends with the Drummer

The first and last thing to work on to be the drummer you want to be is the one doing the drumming. To be or not to be?

Beginner Drumming BasicsThe Basics of Drumming Starts Here

The first step to achieving your drumming dreams is to learn to play the drums. get informed with some basic drumming knowhow.

Drumming DreamsWhere Do You Want To Be As A Drummer

Without proper planning, your drumming dreams may turn into drumming disasters. Equip yourself with the right know-how.

Tools Social & General Drummery

Recent Reviews

Advanced techniques are basic techniques executed exceptionally well and in a controlled manner!

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How To Make Jazz Beats Swing – Really Swing

Recently I was asked if I had written any books on Bop Drumming. Being British, I presumed he meant Jazz Drumming. I believe they’re one and the same. But I also believe drumming is plain and simple drumming. Rock Beats and Jazz Beats and others are just different styles of playing music and the drums. […]

Master the Art of Drumming: Expert Beginner Drum Lesson

The importance of learning the basics of drumming Drumming is an essential aspect of music and learning the basics can provide a strong foundation for any musician. It can help with coordination, rhythm, and timing, which are vital skills for any musician to have, drummer or otherwise. Additionally, learning the basics of drumming can also […]

Relaxed Drumming Technique – Play Loosely and Precise on the Drums

Precise and Relaxed Drumming Technique When it comes to drumming, playing tight and with precision are great attributes. After all, the drummer’s job is to keep time and provide a solid and precise foundation for the rest of the band. While that’s certainly true, there’s also a time and a place for playing loose. In […]

About The Drum Coach

Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to make a living as a pro drummer? If so, then the Drum Coach website might be for YOU!

The purpose of this site is not only to provide drummers with basic, yet valuable drumming information but to also help them share their passions through providing free coaching information and services.

The Drum Coach provides all types of drumming information from beginner lessons right up to professional level playing skills, as well as personal self(drummer)-improvement essentials – there’s something here no matter your skill level!

Our aim is to provide high-quality, on-demand information for drummers as they travel along their journey to achieve their personal drumming goals and ambitions.

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The Drum coach

Drumming Foundations Program

The Drumming Foundations Program is the Drum Coach Flagship Drumming Lesson Program.
It is theory and practice based and uses a simple to follow

  1. Listen (listen to the demonstration exercise).
  2. Read (as you listen, follow the book and see how each exercise looks from a written, theory perspective).
  3. Practice (after understanding how each exercise looks and sounds, it’s time to start practicing).
  4. Play (after a while you become comfortable with the previous 3 steps and so you can then move on to the next exercise).

Format of learning how to play the drums.

This program isn’t something you choose instead of your regular drumming lessons. It is something you choose to do as well. Your regular lessons (whether online or one on one), teach you how to play drums. The Drumming Foundations program helps you to make what you learn better. Much better. In short, this is the workout routine for the drummer just starting. You might say the icing. Your regular tuition is the cake.

Paperback Book Versions

If you choose to go it alone, then you can purchase individual Paperback Books from within the program here. Just click the image link to find out more.

Digital Book Versions

If you choose to go it alone, then you can purchase individual Digital Book Versions from within the program here. Just click the image link to find out more.

The Complete Program

The full, scheduled, step-by-step program Includes Digital Book Versions (plus all the additional material, projects, and content) find out more by clicking the image link.