The Drummer

The evolution of a drummer is of paramount importance, as it goes hand in hand with enhancing one’s playing abilities. As drummers, it is vital to embrace growth and strive for constant improvement in ourselves. Evolution in drumming encompasses various aspects, such as expanding technical proficiency, exploring diverse musical genres, and developing a unique musical identity. As you evolve as a drummer your playing becomes more nuanced, dynamic, and versatile. More precise! The drummer’s evolution is a lifelong journey that intertwines with improving their playing, creating a symbiotic relationship that fuels their artistic growth and propels them towards new heights of musical expression.

Play Drums Without Drums

How To Play Drums Without Drums

Most people believe that playing the drums requires a lot of expensive equipment. A top-of-the-range drum kit, fantastic cymbals, and all the trimmings that go into making up a great drum kit. But, I am going to explain why none…

Basic Drumming Vocabulary

Basic Drumming Vocabulary

Basic drumming vocabulary, or the language of drumming, like any other language, is made up of a collection of words and phrases. The words and phrases describe specific areas of drumming. As a developing drummer, it’s essential to learn the…